Novità / Matteo Bosi To art or not to art - London

Secret Art Ltd and Gabriel Fine Arts proudly present

Open: 31 March – 4 April 2020 11am-­‐6pm
Private View: Tue 31 March 6‐9pm
Poetry and Live Music: Thu 2 April 6‐9:30pm
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At: The Fitzrovia Gallery 139 Whitfield Street, Bloomsbury, London W1T 5EN

In this exhibition of visual, written and performance arts, we honour the spirit and meaning of Shakespeare. For him, 'to be' meant to create. To create has always meant suffering 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' -­‐ political and financial risk, public opprobrium, the very end of being... However, choosing to run those risks can sometimes result in the nearest thing we know to eternal life. Five centuries on, Shakespeare's words are still alive in cinemas and theaters around the globe and in our day-­‐to-­‐day speech. And we hope his spirit will be with us at this exhibition where art shall be the choice. Come join us, and kindly leave your slings and arrows at the door!

Featured Artists: Fikir Amanda Abubakar, Magda Allani, Sara Arnaout, Werther Banfi, Matteo Bosi, Alexandra von Burg, Luna Cora, Dem, Patricia Dinu, Hossein Ehsaei, Akshita Gandhi, Pe Hagen, Silvia Idili, Michelangelo Lacagninaina, Ieva Li, Salvatore Liistroo, Emanuela Montorro, Seth Morley, Enrica Passoni, Mariano Pieroni, Diane Ponder, Michal Michał Powałka, Miranda Pothecary, Massimo Porcelli, Beata Maria Rzepecka, William Ravara, Stephan van Riezen, Eugene Shadko, Mariko Kumon, Masked Sphinx, Pietro Tagliabue, Will Teather, David Turner, Zin V and Zive.