Novità / Cover-Artwork: Majestoluxe

cover art Matteo Bosi
Felice di vedere un'altra mia cartolina su un ottimo vinile! 'Dry, Cold & Free' di Majestoluxe è già in prevendita! il compositore Conny Fornbäck al suo terzo album torna a trattare l'elettronica con intelligenza e originalità. Orgoglioso di aver contribuito con questo ritratto dorato tratto dalla serei assenze.
Glad to see another postcard of mine on great vinyl! 'Dry, Cold & Free' by Majestoluxe is already on presale! the composer Conny Fornbäck on his third album returns to treat electronics with intelligence and originality. Proud to have contributed with this golden portrait taken from the series Absences.

This series is about memory and its opposite, oblivion. A collection of postcards from which something is removed, through stains, abrasions, cuts: like faces that memory slowly begins to forget; but the intervention of the artist, by stopping this process, fossilizes a fragment of memory that remains, and that is alive and vital. Matteo Bosi's work is animated by this effort, aimed at reconstructing the time, in an era -as ours is- blocked in a present without history.
"Today an ideology of the present and of the evidence that paralyzes the effort to think of the present as history is spreading on the planet. [...] In the eyes of ordinary people, the present is no longer the result of the slow evolution of the past, it leaves no more to glimpse a sketch of the possible future, but it imposes itself as an accomplished, oppressive fact that makes the past disappear and blocks the imagination of the future. "
- Marc Augé, Dictatorship of the uncertain present, in "Repubblica", 5 May 2006
cover art Matteo Bosi