Novità / Arte: A Mirror story, China

A Mirror story
A mirror is a piece of glass that reflects an image or light. Mirrors are commonly referred to as "gözgü" in many places, a word derived from the word "göz" (eye). Mirrors are known by a variety of names depending on culture and society, but mirror play an important role in folk beliefs. Many different interpretations have been added, and they have been the subject of numerous legends, stories, and beliefs. We must understand that mirrors physically reflect light and, thus, the world around us. Spiritually, light is associated with illumination, awareness, and wisdom, among other things. As a result, mirrors reflect truth in terms of spiritual symbolism. They are a reflection of reality. The eye or face is sometimes referred to as a mirror. Mirrors represent the psychological threshold between the conscious and unconscious minds. Mirrors appear frequently in legends and fairytales; mirrors can reveal what happened in the past, what will happen in the future, or what is happening right now from a great distance. Furthermore, the magical mirror would always tell the truth. In short, mirrors have significant cultural and symbolic values.Mirrors and artists share some characteristics in that they both reflect reality or creativity. What is the significance of art as a mirror? Is art a reflection of the artist? In art, what does a mirror represent? How do art forms reflect our culture and society? The purpose of the upcoming exhibitions is to investigate the various meanings and forms of the mirror. All artists are cordially invited to participate in this exhibition with their creative interpretations of mirror for you.------Shou Tian