Novità / Art Work: Cover Art

Cover Art ©matteobosi2021; Projet Marina: Loin des dons célestes (2021) New Sinister Records

I am so glad that one of my works has been used as the cover art of Projet Marina's long-awaited 12 "vinyl album," Loin des dons célestes ", which will be released by TONN Records twin sister New Sinister from Belfast. Out on Thursday 9 September ➡️ https: //newsinister.bandcamp. I met Mary Mcintyre, the artist and manager of these record labels, a few years ago through the promotion of our radio program Black Room Radio (Matteo Bosi and Luca d'Altri's) and from this interaction a beautiful collaboration. Nothing happens by chance and now we are a big family, community of visual artists and musicians. The works chosen are part of the “star eyes” series that I produced in 2019. They are single copy carved postcards. matteobosi©2021